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Honey Bee Supplies

Bee Brush

Bee Escape


Beekeeping Books

Beekeeping Suits

Boardman Entrance Feeder

Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer

Crop Gain Pollination Enhancement Spray

Division Board Feeder

Entrance Reducer

(10 Frame)

Escape Screen


Foundation - Plain

(Beeswax in Shallow, Medium, Deep)

Foundation Rods

Foundation - Wired

(Beeswax in Shallow, Medium, Deep)



Frame Grip


Frame Lifter/Scraper

Frame Rests


Frames set of 10

(Wood, 5 3/8" and 6 1/4"  and 9 1/8")


(Individual - Top/Bottom Bars, End Bars)

Frame Spacers


Frame Wire


Hive Body and Super

(Fits 10 Frames and is Available in 5 5/8" and   6 5/8" and 9 5/8")

Hive Tool

(Metal, in 9 1/2" and 12")

Hive Wraps

Honey Bandit

Honey Extractor

(Available for Rental)

Honey Jars

Honey Labels

Inner Cover


Mouse Guard

(10 Frame)


(3/4" and 1 1/4" and 2 1/4")

Pollen Patties

Pollen Substitute

Pollen Trap

Pro Feeder with Cap and Ladder

(9 1/8" and 6 1/4")

Propolis Trap


Pro-Sweet Liquid Feed 

Queen Excluder

(Metal, Plastic, Wood)

Rite Cell Foundation

(Plastic Coated)


(4"x7" and 4"x10")

Smoker Fuel

Sting Relief Wipes

Strainer Cloth

Support Pins


Telescoping Cover

Top Cover

Top Feeder Insert with Screen

Uncapping Knife

Uncapping Punch

Uncapping Scratcher

Varroa Trap


Looking for something that is not on the list?  Give us a call and one of our staff would be happy to see if we have it in store or check if it's available for order!

Mason Bee Supplies

Wooden Tunnels

Chalet/Lodge with Tunnels

Quicklock Corn Tunnels

Mason Bee Cocoons (seasonally)

Beekeeping Frames and  Beeswax Foundation
Beekeeping Suits

We carry a range of bee equipment and supplies for beekeeping, many of which are listed below; give us a call for complete listings, availability, and pricing.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
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