COVID-19  and Store Operations

Please read all the information so that you are not disappointed.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work through higher than normal volumes of orders and calls, as well as lengthier procedures, so as to ensure optimal safety for customers and staff.

Please take time to think through your order so you can get everything in one trip and limit the frequency of visits during this uncertain time.

Thursday November 19/2020 COVID-19 Update: Masks are now required in-store at all times. Thank you for cooperating.


     Bulk organic fertilizers, potted plants, and onion sets are self-serve outside the entrance of the store (please bring items to the till to pay when you are ready, and stand in line well apart from the other customers).

     Any other items are in their usual places and can be ordered by phone, email, or at the till.

     We are doing regular orders for stock, however, due to the high volumes of orders and limited availability from suppliers, we may be out of some items.


Please come with a good sense of exactly what you need so you and fellow customers limit your exposure to each other and can be assisted quickly.

In Person (limit 10 customers in the store at one time)


Any product we carry (aside from bulk bin fertilizer, seed packets, and onion sets which are self-serve outside the store) can be purchased by coming into the store via the single front door.  We ask that you read and follow all signage and use the hand sanitizer provided at the front door. Follow the arrows along the floor to navigate the store (even if what you are looking for could be reached quicker going a different direction) and maintain a 6' distance from all staff and fellow shoppers.  To look at wire, and large bags of feed and fertilizer, please wait at the spot indicated along the main aisle, near the beginning of aisle six and a staff member will come to assist you. There are two till lines; the line along the wholesale service counter is now able to process regular transactions, along with wholesale business transactions.  Both lines accept Visa, MasterCard, debit, or cash and larger items can still be ordered at the till to be brought out to your vehicle.  Once you have made your purchase, please exit out the front double doors.  

Phone (recommended*)


Call to place your order

250-479-2084 or 250-479-3414


We will write up your order, get your name, phone number, and credit card number to process everything in store. We will not pick, onion sets, or bulk bin fertilizer for phone orders; they are self-serve outside the store.  Seed packet orders can be made by filling out a seed order form under our Garden Supplies tab or shopping in person.  There is often a 1- 1 1/2 hour wait required for phone orders, depending on volume of orders at the time. 


Call us when you arrive and tell us what vehicle you are in and we will bring it directly to you. Or if you can't get through on the phone, join the pre-paid order line to the right of the main line and follow the chalk markings to the loading dock and wait there until a staff member comes to help you.


*this option is recommended because it is quicker and allows you to skip the line at the front of the store and provides the most social distancing.  The phone lines can get busy so leave us a voicemail or send an email with a phone number we can reach you at if you are unable to get through.


Send an email to the address above with DETAILED information about the products and the quantities you would like.  Include a phone number for quicker processing. Please wait for confirmation before picking up your order.  We will not pick seed packet orders, onion sets, or bulk fertilizer for email orders; they are self-serve outside the store except for seed packets which are now inside the store.




We offer local delivery of any product we carry two or three days a week.

Minimum standard delivery charge of $15 up to 13 large bags (additional bags $0.95/ea).

Minimum Bale delivery $20 (additional bales $2.25/ea).

Tonne rate $45.

Call 250-479-2084 or 250-479-3414 to order or email us at  Provide your name, address and phone number, along with DETAILED information about the products and the quantities you would like.

Deliveries will be made at our discretion, however we will call when the driver is on the way. Payment must be received via credit card before any delivery is sent and the driver will only be leaving items in the driveway.  THERE WILL BE NO CONTACT WITH THE DRIVER AT THE TIME OF THE DELIVERY; PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR HOUSE AND COLLECT YOUR ITEMS ONCE THE DRIVER IS BACK IN THE VEHICLE.



-Mastercard or Visa

-Debit cards 

-Credit card only for phone or email orders.