Hay and Straw


Please note that hay and straw are NOT the same product.  Hay is used for feeding to animals and contains a fair amount of seed, whereas straw has a lot fewer seeds and is used for garden mulching and bedding for animals.


Alfalfa Hay.jpg

Alfalfa Hay

2-string bale (about 89 lbs): $36.99

3-string bale (about 105 lbs): $43.99

Feed bag stuffed full: $5.99

Alfalfa is a legume hay that is higher in protein, calories, and calcium than the other hays we carry, so is more suited to animals with greater protein and mineral requirements.  Typically sourced from Washington.

Local Hay.jpg

Local Hay

2-string bale (about 32lbs): $15.99

Feed bag stuffed full: $4.49 or $3.49 if you bring your own feed bag.

This is a locally grown grass hay from the Borden farm and is a combination of orchardgrass, ryegrass, fescue and timothy and is a lower protein and calcium, suitable for a variety of animals.

Timothy Hay

2 or 3 string bale (about 105lbs): $36.99

2-string Mini Bale (about 36lbs): $21.99

Feed bag stuffed full: $8.49 or $7.49 if you bring your own feed bag.

Small packages of Timothy Hay also available under the small animal section.

Timothy is a grass hay, with good amounts of long fiber, particularly well-suited for smaller animals, like rabbits and guinea pigs, but is also suitable for animals like horses and cattle.  Typically sourced from Washington.





2-string bale (about 42lbs, Barley): $18.99 

Compressed mini-barley bale (about 35lbs): $15.99

Feed bag stuffed full: $4.49 or 3.49 if you bring your own feed bag.

Straw is made from the stalks of growing grain and is golden in color.  Straw is suitable for mulching garden beds to keep weeds down, holding in moisture, and protecting low-hanging fruit from rotting against the soil.  Straw is also used as animal bedding because it is drier and more insulating than hay.  Typically sourced on Vancouver Island.

Hay Products


Alfalfa Cubes 50 lb bag


Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes 50 lb bag 


Straight Timothy Cubes 50 lb bag


Martin Timothy Grass Hay

1kg: $18.09

1.6kg: $21.55

Zupreem Timothy Naturals

397g: $5.59

1.13kg: $13.09