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Hemp Products

Hemp Products

Hemp Bedding (livestock, pets).

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Very Clean, Heat treated & kiln dried hemp provides premium bedding for poultry, all livestock, small animals and pets.
Highly absorbent, this industrial hemp can absorb up to 7X its own weight ensuring your animal's environment is warm and dry.
Super Soft & Supportive
Hemp Bedding blocks ammonia odours; prevents flies when odour is drastically reduced in your stall and coop.
Hypoallergenic and dust free, excellent for animals experiencing respiratory issues.
Carbon Friendly - absorbs the most CO2 of any other crop
Did you know? Hemp is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable, it will break down. Environmentally friendly and all natural!
Made in Canada from seed all the way through to harvest, processing and packaging.

Hemp Grow Mats

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Environmentally Friendly; Biodegradable, Compostable and Sustainable
Ideal for microgreens, sprouts or other short rotation crops (i.e. cat grass from oat seeds, tomato plants)
Provides root stabilization with ideal spacing within fibres
Excellent water absorption, maintains moisture, providing high germination within 5-7 days
Carbon Friendly Hemp absorbs the most CO2 of any other crop
Hemp Bedding
Hemp Grow Mats
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