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(Slug & Snail Bait and Controls)


With any molluscicides, please make sure you read and follow all the directions on the label, keep it away from animals and children, check to make sure your municipality allows its use, and ask staff if you have questions about how to use it or require advice on integrated pest management.


Falling Leaf - Copper Tape - For Slugs & Snails 1.5"x4 Metres

Works to protect pots and garden beds from slugs and snails.  Peel the backing off the tape and stick to the clean, dry surface around the area you want to protect.  As slugs and snails try to cross the tape, it gives them a little shock, making them want to avoid the area.  Note: tape will change colour as it weathers.

UPC: 895421300811



500 g

1 kg

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