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We carry a variety of wild bird products, some of which are listed below.  Please contact us for availability, full descriptions, and pricing.

Bagged Bird Seed

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Hulled Sunflower Seed

(50lb, Fine, Medium, Coarse)


(In shell, Out of Shell, Chips)

Premium Wild Bird Seed Mix

(10kg and 20kg, Hulled Sunflower Seed, Peanut Chips, Red Millet, White Millet, Black Oil Sunflower)

Regular Wild Bird Seed Mix

(10kg, and 20kg, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Red Millet, White Millet)

Striped Sunflower Seed

Songbird Blend

(Black Oil, Hulled and Striped Sunflower Seed, Red Millet, Red Milo, White Millet, 

Bulk Bird Seed

(Mixes and Plain Seed Available)



(Hummingbird and Seed Feeders)

Spray Millet


Suet Feeders

Looking for something that is not on the list?  Give us a call and one of our staff would be happy to see if we have it in store or check if it's available for order!

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Wild Bird

Bird Feeders and Hummingbird Feeders
Wild Bird Suet
Wild Bird
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