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We carry a variety of livestock products, some of which are listed below.  Please contact us for availability, full descriptions, and pricing.

Cattle: Bedding, Ear Tags (CFIA tags are special order), Hay, Salt Blocks/Licks, Shampoo, Feed, Stock Tanks

Chickens:  Bedding, (Coops) ChikPek Blocks Feed, Feeders, First Aid, Medication, Waterers (See Poultry Page for More Info) We also order in ready to lay hens, please call or visit us to see about ordering some.

Ducks:  Bedding, Feed, Feeders, Waterers (See Poultry Page for More Info)

Goats:  Bedding, Feed, Feed Buckets, Hay, Water Buckets

Horse:  Bedding, Feed, Salt Blocks/Licks, Feed Buckets, Grain Scoops, Hay,  Muck Buckets, Stall Mats (4' x 6' and 5' x 7') Stock Tanks, Wormers (See Horse Page for More Info)

Llamas:  Bedding, Feed (Special Order Only)

Pigs:  Bedding, Feed, Feed Buckets, Medication, Water Buckets

Sheep:  Bedding, Feed, Feed/Water Buckets, Ear Tags, Grain Scoops, Hay, Salt Blocks/Licks

Looking for something that is not on the list?  Give us a call and one of our staff would be happy to see if we have it in store or check if it's available for order!

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Wild Icelandic Horses
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